Director + Designer


a Bethel Music / WorshipU Promo

WORSHIPU is Bethel Music’s 2 week event that houses worship leaders from churches around the world. WORSHIPU asked that we support their event in the same way we did last year. We provided a promo for the event along with support for the event. The above video is the promo we created. One location, highlighting multiple creative individuals as they are going for it and making the space their own.




In the same fashion as last year we used all the assets from the promotional video and applied the same assets to a script that would launch the event. After this piece plays Brian & Jenn Johnson, the main hosts, come up and welcome the attendees & students.


In addition to the opener, we created transitional elements to visual support transitional moments like the speakers being introduced. Since there are multiple speakers, these are developed in a way the colors and name keys can be changed on the fly.


Along with the content we have created for other Bethel Events, we created 4 new sets of visuals for the event. This is a clip from the song We Praise You. Below are a couple more screen grabs of the other looks we developed.