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A nike, dallas Cowboys & by way of dallas collaboration


So I had been following Hance Taplin on social for a bit. He runs a custom clothing brand called By Way of Dallas and is an insanely talented Creative Director. I had been sliding into his DM for a couple months, trying to score some coffee time or to buy him lunch.


His work is fantastic as a designer and creative mind and we just couldn’t land a time that could work for us to connect. I had just finished up a couple conferences and I reached out again to see if we could make something work.

His schedule was full but mentioned the possibility of jumping on a project together for Nike + the Dallas Cowboys. I was immediately on board even at the possibility of anything. And sure enough it panned out! It was a pretty phenomenal experience to work with such talented people. From working with the Cowboys & the Cowboy’s cheerleaders to collaborating with Hance. It was unreal and so much fun. Along with the social deliverables we also helped with capturing the release party of the line. Altogether, the Nike team and Hance’s team was a blast to work with and since then I have worked with the same people. And I am just glad to meet and work with local talent I hadn’t had the pleasure of even knowing before this project. Below are both the final spot and the Nike Sideline release party recap.


A couple posts from Hance. Follow him for more of his killer work.