Director + Designer



For the past 8 years I have worked with Elevation on their live recordings as their dolly cam op. It has grown from shooting on a Black Magic cinema camera 4k to an Arri Amira with a Canon Cine Zoom. It’s been quite the journey and I have been able to build some life long friendships with the team there.


In the past several years we have had the opportunity to collaborate with Elevation Worship’s creative team. Whether it was the 8 visuals we did for the Here Comes Heaven album or a one off lyric video, it has always been fun simply working with friends.


Along with the visuals I created for the Hallelujah Here Below album, I was asked to help edit a couple of the songs on the album. Multi-Cam work can tend to be a large task to take on. But with all the talented camera ops & cinematographers on the project led to it being some of the easiest editing projects to date.