Director + Designer
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Bethel Music

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I was contracted by Bethel Music to create a promotional video for their Worship School event in Redding, CA. The vision from the client was pretty clear so only after a couple days were we able to put together a solid script, find the right music bed, locations and talent needed.

I knew early on that I wanted to bring my friend and talented filmmaker Matthew P. Rojas along for the project. With his strong point of view and solid directing chops I felt that we could knock out more than enough content for the project. The concept was clear from the theme, God Makes Originals. Along with that and the target audience of creatives within the church we knew we needed to cover musicians, dancers, creatives and all together unique individuals. So matthew and I collected the team and got to shooting. 

We scouted a couple locations around town. Some required permits and others were definitely not somewhere you would want to be after dark. We reached out to some old friends and new actors neither of us had worked with.

We also had a friend, Sean Berry, come in on our first production day to capture some BTS photos for us. He is an insanely talented photographer and I have to figure out how to get him on more shoots!


Early on, the team at Bethel had asked for us to incorporate as much of the event brand as possible. So when we got to post-production I knew we needed to lay it on thick. The design team at Bethel had created several assets for the branding of the event. They made it easy to build in all elements that culminated to the final promo.