Director + Designer



Pink conference is the women’s conference at Gateway Church. This year they asked if we would help them support their event with an opener, producing their online watch party experience and provide LED visual support for the worship portions of their event. Starting off, we jumped onboard to their opener development team and immediately jumped into the concept. With the theme of the conference being UNCOMMON, they simply wanted a well crafted script to lead the audience through an glimpse of some of the most impactful women in the history of our world and the church.


Since the event is held at Gateway Church the capacity of women is limited to somewhere between 3,500 and 4,000 people. So in response to that they invite women to host watch parties and take on the event in a smaller more relaxed and fun way. To support that aspect of the event we produce a live pre and post session segments to help facilitate the online experience. This is always a fun experience that brings a lot of different people together in a real beautiful way to share with 17,000 plus other women that are having fun with their friends as they experience the conference.


Lastly, we provided several visuals to accompany the worship experience portion of the events. The majority of these elements were developed with stock and motion graphic elements. These are a handful of photos of the visuals in action.