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AirThrone x Darren King


I met Lindsey while working for Bethel Music. At the time she was working as their creative director. We did a couple projects including Bethel’s 2019 Heaven Come Promo & GOD MAKES ORIGINALS. Well Lindsey is married to producer Bobby strand who has also worked with Bethel as a music producer, writer & artist. So when Lindsey & Bobby reached out about directing & shooting a promo for their new venture. Bobby and Joe Volk, drummer & producer, were launching a revolutionary drummers throne. One of those products that just made sense. So great people, great products and great ideas. I had to be a part. And that was before they mentioned anything about Darren King.

So after saying yes, they brought me out to Redding and we spent a couple days out there in March and just had a blast. It was the kind of project where everyone involved was excited to be there and do their thing. I am super grateful to have played a part and work with such a solid and talented group.

Getting some feedback from the boss before jumping into some of the wide shots.

Getting some feedback from the boss before jumping into some of the wide shots.


Since middle school I was originally on this trajectory to be a musician & artist. I loved music and I still do. So naturally growing up I was a huge Mutemath fan. More specifically a huge fan of Paul & Darren. Not only is Darren an insanely talented drummer, producer & artist. But he also directed a few of Mutemath’s videos and currently works with his wife who writes and preforms as the artist SUCRE. He was a dream to work with and an overall kind human being.



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