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Jonathan Mendoza


HUSBAND, DAD, Filmmaker & Animator

I am a freelance filmmaker. Or at least that was the easiest way to say I write, direct, edit and animate most everything I do. On several projects I do have the honor of collaborating with my peers as anything from a camera operator to a grip on set to an assistant editor or animator. But the bottom line is I love making videos. Regardless of the crew, budget or timeline, I am almost always interested in playing a role in any production or post as long as the story is worth telling. I recently left my role leading the film team at Gateway Church to pursue freelance filmmaking. On one hand I will get to spend more time with my family and on the other it will allow me to get back to doing the work I love. So whatever the story, film or video your are trying to make, give me a ring. I'd love to lend a hand or even help craft the story you'd like to share. 



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