Editor & Motion Designer

My name is Jonathan Mendoza, But You can call me Mendo.

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It kinda started in middle school band. 

At least, that's when I fell in love with music. I was captured by the ideas that when each instrument played it's part, individual musicians could become an orchestra. I spent the entirety of my school years pursuing music. It was on that road I found editing and animation. The film and tv world reminded me of the collaborative nature of music. And I never looked back.

So now, I do whatever I can get my hands on. Whether thats calling the shots, late nights deep in the edit or pushing keyframes while I am throwing back a hot cup of coffee. I am learning every day how to be a better at contributing to the art of filmmaking. 

Feel free to reach out if you are looking for help on your next project. Whether its helping lead the charge or just helping move your project along, I'd love to play a part. Cheers.

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Directing, Shooting, Editing & Animating