Director + Designer

Toyota SUPRA

another fun collaboration with Johnny Badgood Productions


Chris Whitten, a Dallas based producer I met on the Nike Sideline shoot, reached out to me at the end of 2018. He said Johnny and their crew had been hosting all of the media sessions at the Toyota USA facility in Frisco, TX. Johnny Badgood Production had done some work for Toyota in the past and asked them if they would also shoot some photos for them to use online. So Johnny and Chris gave me a ring and asked if I would be interested in collaborating again. We had such a solid shoot working for Nike & The Cowboys that they were looking for other opportunities to work together. So expectations were not at a high. Johnny had done great work for Toyota in the past and Johnny & Chris were looking to get Toyota something that could be a pleasant surprise. And so we went to work.

2019-SUPRA Mirrors White 2.gif

Social Gifs

Along with the edit we delivered a couple gifs that Toyota could use through their social and web platforms.


So we spent a long evening shooting the cars on these awesome vehicle turn tables. Using these we set up all the rotating shots. We simply set the camera on a tripod and rotated the cars. Reset the tripod and then hit it again. It was a fun evening and a blast to edit. Once we had a locked edit we sent it over to John Carrington for the color. He really transformed the vehicles and just added so much class. This project was a quick one but really looking forward to working with Chris & Johnny again.


These are some of the photos Johnny and his crew shot while on set.